Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tennessee Take ONE

Hello out there! Knoxville is cool. Our show last night was fun. We played at this old house called the Birdhouse with two other bands. We met a lot of cool people. We got a little drunk. We stayed with a lawyers daughter named Kate. Chris as Zach slept on the floor head to head and we stayed up laughing til pretty late at night. Marcus said it was "like a 5th grade slumber party". We woke up and grocery shopped and chris gave a homeless man money while drinking a beer in the kroger parking lot. (chris was drinking the beer). THEN we drove to Asheville! We parked the van, went to

then some people ate indian food. Our Asheville show got moved from the BoBo Gallery to Static Age Records down the street. We're drinking beer in a coffee shop now. The record store has a back room place for shows, w/ movie theater seats!

Marcus made this list that he taped up on the Babe Wall of shows we have already played, and shows we have yet to play. The second column is getting shorter. It's crazy that so much of tour is behind us. Its exciting that we're almost home. I don't wanna go to school Tuesday. My tummy hurts a little. I hope this show is fun- i think it will be. And this town is beautiful and fun. I've always wanted to visit. It's cool that we have gotten to visit so many cool cities and towns, and get right to the cool stuff right away. More later.

p.s. Zach and Chris actually slept next to each other like 7 or 8 nights in a row. Twins!


  1. yay slumber parties!! thanks again for playyying! hope you come back!

  2. is chris going to start sleeping over too now? great, more laundry, more dishes, and more poop in the toilet.