Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 5

Okay okay okay. We've been partyin' instead of bloggin', wouldn't you? We played in Lafayette and to be honest we were expecting a let down (monday night, no local band, etc..) but shit got WILD. Thanks to Katie, Mitchell, Steve, Rat Cat Double Parakeet, the oil rig guy, and the Tennessee Williams girls for treating us right. Lafayette is cool. Also thanks to Jared who let us stay in his beautiful house and probably shouldn't have. He was awesome, and his mystery roommate may be a robot.

Then we drove through the swamps where it seems like everyone (but us of course) was totally drunk, and finally made it to New Orleans. We have all been practicing our Southern accents, and Zach has been coaching us.

Oh yeah, Marcus and I (David) went swimming. Outside. And it ruled.

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  1. swimming... oh yeah. been doing that here too. in fact, grabbed the kids, took the boat out and fired up the barbie. it was rad. (read: it's fucking bloody freazing here and i hate it.)