Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today is my birthday. I'm sitting in my room listening to this old pressing of The Birth Of Cool by Miles Davis (just realized how funny that is..) that I got for really cheap on Record Store Day, and I feel pretty nice and want to tell you about some cool stuff we are doing.

We're playing two shows on Friday. They will both be pretty cool, you should come. We will have nice prints of this poster available, drawn by our friend Natalie Miller. Here is info on the first show and here is info on the second.

We've made some new recordings. They are almost ready for you to hear them. They are trapped in this box for now but you will hear them soon. Promise.

Mary, Chris, and Zach are going to see the Arcade Fire tonight. Marcus and I are going to stay home and play Dizzy Gillespie songs with our friend Kevin and maybe have a little party. See you on Friday, keep your fingers crossed it doesn't rain.