Friday, January 22, 2010

Tour Friends

Best Fwiends. Thanks to all the wonderful people that helped make this tour crazed. We tried to keep a running list of everyone we seriously bonded with and changed our weird tour lives. We love you all and you should all come to Carbondale and we can have a giant sleepover in my basement. This is how they appear in my notes:

01. Bill Meanie
02. Kev & Agnes
03. Bandit Hair
04. Sarah the cute waitress
05. Jefferson Foxy
06. The frat friends who bailed on giving us a place to stay.
07. The Bachelorette
08. The Creative Bum
09. Superfan Diana
10. JJ
11. Lew
12. The Guy From Alton
13. Josh & Katie & Novi
14. Greyhound Mustache Man
15. Hillary & Phil
16. Follow That Bird!
17. Weed Smokin' Lit
18. Steve Subzero Doorman
19. Katie
20. Cat Rat Double Parakeet
21. Kingsize Mitch
22. Lizzy
23. Jared
24. Mystery Roomate
25. James the Oil Rig Guy
26. Tennessee Williams Girls
27. Clapper, Amy Winehouse, and the Bum who stole their plates
28. Lady Capricorn
29. Prachi
30. James Lovey Dovey
31. Adam Opposable
32. Didi
33. Sarah & Chris
34. Al & Kara
35. the Puppies
36. Curly
37. Eric & Steph & Arlo
38. Moctoc
39. Veronica
40. The Asheville Girl
41. Sarah Barista
42. Ryan & Jack
43. Nick Dreads
44. The Reggae Dudes
45. Joanna (& Guapo)
46. Lauren
47. Patrick
48. Kate
49. Paisley
50. Ryan
51. Noel
52. Jay
53. Kim & Nathanael
54. Joel & the other J guy at Static Age
55. Megan
56. State Champion & Giving Up
57. Simon
58. Pete
59. Rachel
60. Chris
61. Casey
62. The Girl from the Record Store
63. Tin Tin Can
6finity. All our awesome loved ones who came to visit us.

Pretty damn good. Everyone one of you.

(edit: just noticed that i missed the Denton page so skipped what should have been 9-15..)
so now:
65. Chris' Brother's Doppelganger
66. Beauxregard
67. The Racist Girls
68. The door girl who loved Chris
69. Bumpit
70. Bryan

Days 14-18

Woahhh the last few days were crazy, so we didn't really get round to bloggin'.

Asheville was way beautiful and fun and we stayed in the amazing home of Kim from Pilgrim and Nathanael, where this little monster kept us up all night:

and I found a long lost relative.

Then we played the wild Temptation Club in Murfreesboro with some cool bands from Chicago/Louisville, and caught up with Megan in Nashville. After a stop at Waffle House, off to Bloomington it was, where a truckload of our friends showed up and things got crazy. We played a fun house show with Kentucky Nightmare and Simon drove his car into our van, I am still not sure if it was an accident or not.

Woke up early and hauled azz to Chicago, finally got there after a stop in scenic Gary IN and at that McDonalds in the middle of the toll road. Played in Record Breakers which was fun and ate hot dogs and my bass fell off in the last song. Then went to Sultan's Market mmmmm and played a fun loft show w/ Tin Tin Can, The Distractions and the lovely Black Fortys.

Then ended things like every tour should end, with a stop at Cozy Corner.

Don't get the Triple Decker Club Sandwich, it is too big to fit in your mouth.

Tour was rad. Being home is weird.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The End!

We're home! Last show of the tour tonight! Blog about the last few days soon!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


i had a conversation about nighty night recently with a group of people. we all came to the realization that knowing these people intimately or not, their music brings goosebumps and wet undies to all that hear. i was really surprised cause i just figured i was alone in this and probably felt so in awe of Mary that i wanted to shrink her and keep her in a music box that i would carry everywhere. so last night when they played in Bloomington the audience was equally as "moved" by their music...which is crazy cause not only were these people complete strangers, this music was new to their ears...and dey fuckin felt dat sheit.

(by rosie)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Another record store? Hardly. We went to Static Age Records and Voltage Records (and if we're lucky we will go to Harvest Records tomorrow.. shhh..) and Zach and I got some sweet shit. Flower Travellin' Band, Ghana Soundz Vol. 2, and David Bowie / Hunky Dory for me.. Dock Boggs, Gal Costa, and a Camera Obscura record for Zeke. Good day. Marcus' Otis Redding search has gone on unfulfilled though.

In other news, I got possibly the sweetest Carhart ever today as well. Pic soon. I've been eying this boombox at static age pretty hard too..

Oh yeah, and the Bobo show tonight has been moved to Static Age Records, and the Murfreesboro show tomorrow has been moved from Scotty's to The TEMPTATION CLUB 8pm (2404 Halls Hill Pike). Also the house show in Bloomington is at Bar None (110 N Maple) w/ Kentucky Nightmare & Dust From 1000 years.

Thanks to Lauren and Patrick and Katie and Paisley and everyone in Knoxville, that was fun!


Tennessee Take ONE

Hello out there! Knoxville is cool. Our show last night was fun. We played at this old house called the Birdhouse with two other bands. We met a lot of cool people. We got a little drunk. We stayed with a lawyers daughter named Kate. Chris as Zach slept on the floor head to head and we stayed up laughing til pretty late at night. Marcus said it was "like a 5th grade slumber party". We woke up and grocery shopped and chris gave a homeless man money while drinking a beer in the kroger parking lot. (chris was drinking the beer). THEN we drove to Asheville! We parked the van, went to

then some people ate indian food. Our Asheville show got moved from the BoBo Gallery to Static Age Records down the street. We're drinking beer in a coffee shop now. The record store has a back room place for shows, w/ movie theater seats!

Marcus made this list that he taped up on the Babe Wall of shows we have already played, and shows we have yet to play. The second column is getting shorter. It's crazy that so much of tour is behind us. Its exciting that we're almost home. I don't wanna go to school Tuesday. My tummy hurts a little. I hope this show is fun- i think it will be. And this town is beautiful and fun. I've always wanted to visit. It's cool that we have gotten to visit so many cool cities and towns, and get right to the cool stuff right away. More later.

p.s. Zach and Chris actually slept next to each other like 7 or 8 nights in a row. Twins!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some pics from z's camera

Southern Force: Ménage à trois

Last night was real cheesy. We played a cool show at The Elbo Room in Columbia, SC. We played with our friend Ryan's 2 bands Pilgrim and Lulo. We spent much time in the green room downstairs stocked with Budweiser. After we played our show, we went back downstairs and there were 3 huge Reggae men smoking blunts drinking our comp beer. Zach talked basketball with them and the upstairs bartender gave us free shots. They liked us! Then we were escorted to another bar called The Whig which was basically just a carpeted basement where we drank for free and were eventually pawned off onto a nice girl who let us stay at her house. Oh lord. Zach and Chris smoked more cheesy that night "than (we) have consecutively in the past two years", and slept in the same bed for the 4th night in a row. Guapo molested Marcus, and left his hairy trail all over the van. This morning we escaped alive, ate some cool sex food at a diner, and drove for 6 hours or something- partially through the snow covered mountains- the first white we've seen this Christmas!

We're all getting pretty cracked out. Tour is a dream. Every new city we enter blurs the memory of the last and in the end it will all be a big pile of stories and scraps of paper and beer cans. It's cool to get drunk for free every night. It's cool to be in a vulnerable situation every night wondering where you're going to sleep- begging audience members through a microphone. WHY does everybody have WEIRD pets? We've also been talking in various accents a lot.

Seriously though, Zach and Chris are in love with each other. They've purchased a few more items for their matching wardrobes. They hold hands in the shower.. you know.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Some pics

Day 10, 11, 12

Saturday we woke up and got in the van and drove ALL DAY. Most of us ate subway at like 10am. Sleeping in the van, whatever. We finally got to Gainesville, FL and played at a pretty cool venue called The Atlantic. I got sick, so I slept in the van. I thought I was gonna get kidnapped by the crazed florida college hoodlums goin wild on the strip. We slept at Eric and Stephanie's (of Morningbell) house. They had some really cool pets and shit. They gave us bagels then we drove Sunday morning to Savannah, GA where we played at SCAD's (Savannah College of Art and Design) student radio station. Some of you listened. If anyone cares- I think the recording and strange interview is on their website ( Then we went to The Sentient Bean where we set up, ate some sweet hummus plate, drank a LOT of coffee out of this HUGE coffee cup, and played a caffeinated, non-alcoholic, sunday night show. It was pretty fun though, we made a couple friends, met up with Ryann and Jack from Carby, went out to some weird bar called MacDonald's, ate some weird giant pizza slices freshly baked by a real live Juggalo, and then drank beer at Ryann & Jack's WARM house. I'm a freak.

Now it's Monday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY! Marcus is reading his new novel (Kite Runner), Zach is doing our laundry and playing in the park, Chris is looking for JOSIE!!!! HELP FIND THAT GIRL. MEDIUM SIZED CHOCOLATE LAB CALL 618 525 1685!!! David is drinking a beer and kickin' ass, and Mary is writing this sexy blog. My current thoughts: need to charge phone. want to take shower. can't wait til bloomington. marcus and david and mary are HUNGRY. SUPER pumped about clean clothes- david's on his last pair of clean socks. Mary and zach have been doing laundry in bathtubs. it's not a true clean though. "it's only like 70% clean" -David Allen.

So, we will drive to Columbia, SC pretty soon. See you in limbo.

Mary Gertrude

p.s. I'm the only girl here. (except for marcus and chris).

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9

We just played a house show in Baton Rouge and it was totally fun. Thanks to everyone. There are a bunch of photos from the last few days that will be uploaded soon. We have to get up early and drive the 9+ hours to Gainesville tomorrow to do some Canadian radio thingy and then play at the Atlantic. Party on, we need sleep. Talk soon!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Before we left New Orleans we stopped at Domino Sound and holy shit it was awesome. We had to wait in the van for an hour for it to open but it was worth it. Zach and I (David) freaked out and got some sweet records.

Now we are in Baton Rouge and are listening to them and it rules. We also finally got to listen to the Follow That Bird! record we got.

Day 7&8

After 7 shows straight, we've had the past two days off before we play 10 (possibly 11..) more shows straight. We've stayed in this swank hotel, la belle maison, in downtown New Orleans for the past two days courtesy of my grandpa (thank you!!) and we've have been relaxing hard. We explored New Orleans pretty well, and now we are hanging out with Sarah Jackson in Baton Rouge, drinking lots of coffee and watching Batman Returns. Pretty okay.

We drank too many margaritas at Juan's Flying Burrito..

Visited the St. Louis Cathedral..

And found lots of cool old stuff..

Most notably this portrait of Zach that we thought had been lost, but is actually residing in a GLBT bookstore just outside the French Quarter. Lookin good dude.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 6

Played at Circle Bar with some cool dudes, hung out with Lady Capricorn, lots of new friends and old friends, too many free pbr.

You can find me in the tub with a bottle full a bub..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 5

Okay okay okay. We've been partyin' instead of bloggin', wouldn't you? We played in Lafayette and to be honest we were expecting a let down (monday night, no local band, etc..) but shit got WILD. Thanks to Katie, Mitchell, Steve, Rat Cat Double Parakeet, the oil rig guy, and the Tennessee Williams girls for treating us right. Lafayette is cool. Also thanks to Jared who let us stay in his beautiful house and probably shouldn't have. He was awesome, and his mystery roommate may be a robot.

Then we drove through the swamps where it seems like everyone (but us of course) was totally drunk, and finally made it to New Orleans. We have all been practicing our Southern accents, and Zach has been coaching us.

Oh yeah, Marcus and I (David) went swimming. Outside. And it ruled.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tour Date Updates

Three new dates added.. we will now be playing at Kara's Sound House (1150 Park Bvld.) in Baton Rouge LA on Friday the 8th, at the Elbo Room in Columbia SC on Monday the 11th, and at Scotty's in Murfreesboro TN on Thurs the 14th. The shows have been going really well so far, thanks to everyone who has helped us out! We're off to Lafayette to eat some crawdads.

Messin' With Texas

Things got a little wild after the two shows.. Zach and Chris were messin' with Texas and Marcus had his first Falafel.

That's a gyro though, the falafel came later.

Day 4

Austin! We played two shows in Austin last night and it was rad. The first one was a Trailer Space records, it was a cool place and really fun show. Hung out with JJ and Lew and a guy from Alton IL and met lots of nice people.

We played with Follow That Bird! and they were awesome.

They are short so it is hard to see..

We also played with Magic Jewels who had a badass van.

Then we played at Hole In The Wall with Mary's cousin's band, Puff Puff and the Receivers. It was a lot of fun too, hung out with family and some new friends.