Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 10, 11, 12

Saturday we woke up and got in the van and drove ALL DAY. Most of us ate subway at like 10am. Sleeping in the van, whatever. We finally got to Gainesville, FL and played at a pretty cool venue called The Atlantic. I got sick, so I slept in the van. I thought I was gonna get kidnapped by the crazed florida college hoodlums goin wild on the strip. We slept at Eric and Stephanie's (of Morningbell) house. They had some really cool pets and shit. They gave us bagels then we drove Sunday morning to Savannah, GA where we played at SCAD's (Savannah College of Art and Design) student radio station. Some of you listened. If anyone cares- I think the recording and strange interview is on their website ( Then we went to The Sentient Bean where we set up, ate some sweet hummus plate, drank a LOT of coffee out of this HUGE coffee cup, and played a caffeinated, non-alcoholic, sunday night show. It was pretty fun though, we made a couple friends, met up with Ryann and Jack from Carby, went out to some weird bar called MacDonald's, ate some weird giant pizza slices freshly baked by a real live Juggalo, and then drank beer at Ryann & Jack's WARM house. I'm a freak.

Now it's Monday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY! Marcus is reading his new novel (Kite Runner), Zach is doing our laundry and playing in the park, Chris is looking for JOSIE!!!! HELP FIND THAT GIRL. MEDIUM SIZED CHOCOLATE LAB CALL 618 525 1685!!! David is drinking a beer and kickin' ass, and Mary is writing this sexy blog. My current thoughts: need to charge phone. want to take shower. can't wait til bloomington. marcus and david and mary are HUNGRY. SUPER pumped about clean clothes- david's on his last pair of clean socks. Mary and zach have been doing laundry in bathtubs. it's not a true clean though. "it's only like 70% clean" -David Allen.

So, we will drive to Columbia, SC pretty soon. See you in limbo.

Mary Gertrude

p.s. I'm the only girl here. (except for marcus and chris).


  1. i guess scad didn't upload the archive file of your interview yet .i can't find it on their website. booo! i wanna watch! I, also, can't wait for Bloomington!!!! I think I'm going to hybertnate in my room till a) my water unfreezes, and b) i am done with b.s. job and come to bloomington.

    f my life for three more days. friday will rule. love you all.

  2. They actually didn't end up taking video of us for that radio thing. Hopefully the audio will be up soon though...