Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Another record store? Hardly. We went to Static Age Records and Voltage Records (and if we're lucky we will go to Harvest Records tomorrow.. shhh..) and Zach and I got some sweet shit. Flower Travellin' Band, Ghana Soundz Vol. 2, and David Bowie / Hunky Dory for me.. Dock Boggs, Gal Costa, and a Camera Obscura record for Zeke. Good day. Marcus' Otis Redding search has gone on unfulfilled though.

In other news, I got possibly the sweetest Carhart ever today as well. Pic soon. I've been eying this boombox at static age pretty hard too..

Oh yeah, and the Bobo show tonight has been moved to Static Age Records, and the Murfreesboro show tomorrow has been moved from Scotty's to The TEMPTATION CLUB 8pm (2404 Halls Hill Pike). Also the house show in Bloomington is at Bar None (110 N Maple) w/ Kentucky Nightmare & Dust From 1000 years.

Thanks to Lauren and Patrick and Katie and Paisley and everyone in Knoxville, that was fun!


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