Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 7&8

After 7 shows straight, we've had the past two days off before we play 10 (possibly 11..) more shows straight. We've stayed in this swank hotel, la belle maison, in downtown New Orleans for the past two days courtesy of my grandpa (thank you!!) and we've have been relaxing hard. We explored New Orleans pretty well, and now we are hanging out with Sarah Jackson in Baton Rouge, drinking lots of coffee and watching Batman Returns. Pretty okay.

We drank too many margaritas at Juan's Flying Burrito..

Visited the St. Louis Cathedral..

And found lots of cool old stuff..

Most notably this portrait of Zach that we thought had been lost, but is actually residing in a GLBT bookstore just outside the French Quarter. Lookin good dude.


  1. sweet honker zach f-ron, dave i'm gonna go ahead and borrow your Blacks on Blonds vol. 7, sorry, I'm drunk in your house.

    -not brett