Friday, January 22, 2010

Days 14-18

Woahhh the last few days were crazy, so we didn't really get round to bloggin'.

Asheville was way beautiful and fun and we stayed in the amazing home of Kim from Pilgrim and Nathanael, where this little monster kept us up all night:

and I found a long lost relative.

Then we played the wild Temptation Club in Murfreesboro with some cool bands from Chicago/Louisville, and caught up with Megan in Nashville. After a stop at Waffle House, off to Bloomington it was, where a truckload of our friends showed up and things got crazy. We played a fun house show with Kentucky Nightmare and Simon drove his car into our van, I am still not sure if it was an accident or not.

Woke up early and hauled azz to Chicago, finally got there after a stop in scenic Gary IN and at that McDonalds in the middle of the toll road. Played in Record Breakers which was fun and ate hot dogs and my bass fell off in the last song. Then went to Sultan's Market mmmmm and played a fun loft show w/ Tin Tin Can, The Distractions and the lovely Black Fortys.

Then ended things like every tour should end, with a stop at Cozy Corner.

Don't get the Triple Decker Club Sandwich, it is too big to fit in your mouth.

Tour was rad. Being home is weird.

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