Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 1&2: Hot Springs

Hot Springs fucking rules. Seriously. Sooooo cool! Played at Maxine's, which turned out to be one of the nicest venues with the nicest/coolest staff we've ever played at. They gave us two free pizzas and some sweet beer, both of which we enjoyed in the VIP room while sipping bottles of free Mountain Valley Spring Water behind a velvet rope, safe from the presence of the "little people."

The owners, Kevin and Agnes, stood by the edge of the stage during both our and Bandit Sound's sets and was way into both of us. Kevin collects vinyl from touring bands that play Maxine's and puts them in a crate he plans to give his three year old son when he turns 12. So, little Konrad will be listening to "belle" in 2019... hope he likes it.


Hung out with Bill aka Billy Spunk of the Blue Meanies and slept on his floor, held our hands in the scalding hot spring water and learned the history of Hot Springs at an old bathhouse that's been converted into a museum.

All said and done one of the coolest little cities we've ever played.

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