Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Southern Force: Ménage à trois

Last night was real cheesy. We played a cool show at The Elbo Room in Columbia, SC. We played with our friend Ryan's 2 bands Pilgrim and Lulo. We spent much time in the green room downstairs stocked with Budweiser. After we played our show, we went back downstairs and there were 3 huge Reggae men smoking blunts drinking our comp beer. Zach talked basketball with them and the upstairs bartender gave us free shots. They liked us! Then we were escorted to another bar called The Whig which was basically just a carpeted basement where we drank for free and were eventually pawned off onto a nice girl who let us stay at her house. Oh lord. Zach and Chris smoked more cheesy that night "than (we) have consecutively in the past two years", and slept in the same bed for the 4th night in a row. Guapo molested Marcus, and left his hairy trail all over the van. This morning we escaped alive, ate some cool sex food at a diner, and drove for 6 hours or something- partially through the snow covered mountains- the first white we've seen this Christmas!

We're all getting pretty cracked out. Tour is a dream. Every new city we enter blurs the memory of the last and in the end it will all be a big pile of stories and scraps of paper and beer cans. It's cool to get drunk for free every night. It's cool to be in a vulnerable situation every night wondering where you're going to sleep- begging audience members through a microphone. WHY does everybody have WEIRD pets? We've also been talking in various accents a lot.

Seriously though, Zach and Chris are in love with each other. They've purchased a few more items for their matching wardrobes. They hold hands in the shower.. you know.


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