Monday, June 8, 2009

pizza party

hey joggies. we are about to order pizza. thats all but we miss you!!! we are in omaha we just played at the waiting room with some other cool bands and we are about to hang out and get SLOGGY. I miss you. We'll see ya soon in chicago and cdale junk

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 14 & 15

We had to let our Lizard go yesterday. As you can see, we were/are very distressed about it.

We picked up Tracy and made the loooooooong drive to Salt Lake City. Driving the Oregon trail gave the game a whole new meaning. We are staying with the wonderful Peter Densmore in SLC, eating amazing blueberry pancakes his roomate Andrea made us. Then off to Omaha it is.

LZA it won't be the same without you!

The Lost Coast (Day 9 &10)

Camping on the black sand beach at Shelter Cove.. Thanks to Muffy for telling us about this secret spot!

Day 9

We stopped briefly near the end of the world.

Mountian Pit Stop (Day 7)

Driving the 101 is insane!

Photos from Day 6

We camped at Pismo beach... It was wild.

More Day 5

San Diego!

Relapse: Day 5

DA: Marcus what are you doin?

MM: I'm kickin' ass.


We finally have the internet, so we're going to post a bunch of pictures we haven't got around to..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 14

We love Olympia house shows. Some highlights of the show last night:

-A business woman farted on us. Zach said ew.

-Bands with songs about David Duchovney, face paint, and "I'm gonna pluck out you're eye and feed it to the raven.."

-A poop leak in the ceiling.

-Brent getting pulled over on his bike by a cop while carrying an 18pk of Ranier.

-Pillow fist pumps.

-Reconnected with Freddy and it felt soo good.

-Slept on a baseball diamond.

-The tiny braid.

-Another subway pit stop.

Shit was fuck.

Friday, June 5, 2009

More Day 13

Off to Olympia for round two!

Kitten with wings (Day 13)

Sometimes we just hang out and stuff. "Really take-off is the only cool part" "naw man, I like air ports a lot." Today is the parade of roses in Portland. It is raining. "Don't rain on my parade," he said.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Freddy Spaghetti (day 12)

Dear Diary, today is Thursday. We are in portland today. we spent the night in Olympia last night but drove back:

So we drove to olympia yesterday and got some foods got sweet deal on PBRs at Quality Burrito. Got to Freddy's house where our house show was, watched a few bands... they were cool! Drank Renier beer, and played music for the most excited of joggies we've seen yet!! They danced and sang along and clapped their hands. then we sat in a circle and played games. Everyone got wasted and we spent the night in Freddy's room!! He was SUCH a host; offering the touring band his BED, letting us sleep in, and providing a continental breakfast- old bread and popsicles! DAMN. Then we craved subway, ate it on the way home, wrote them a letter, and now they are going to fund our tour if we endorse five dollar footlongs at our shows, so natalie's sewing david a sandwich costume. We are now biting eachother like vampires because we are thirsty. Tonight we're playing at the chaos cafe and its gonna be FUCKED UP. Maybe though. Chris has a reverse eyelash, and "All i ever wanted was....."

Thanks Olympia, see ya friday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


after our tuscon show we hung out with local joggies and Joggy our new bestie. More on him later. drove to san diego stayed with chriss brother played at the beauty bar with SEXY jonie mendenhall. found a trader joes the next day and bought a case of two buck fuck chuck wine went to this park place and got covered in cactus! drank ten bottles of wine camped in the yard drove to pismo beach the next day drank ten more bottles of wine camped on the beach jumped in the ocean saw a dead jelly fish climbed sand dunes got so sandy wasted met some redneck jimbys at the next campsite woke up got the fuck out of pissmooo. drove to oakland california stayed on the 5th avenue marina with casey muffy tucker vinnie otherguy and his sweet lovers went to a house party saw a melted ice cream cone went to sleep next day went to big swap meat made BBQ played BB Ball played a show in san fran got drunk fell asleep in the van next day drove to crazy black sand beach saw a seal (the musical artist) made dinner got scared of bears told scary stories woke up drove crazy winding roads long car ride ate ARBYS started knitting in the car around 6 got to portland before 9 spent the night at various homes around the city now we are about to drive to olympia to play a show. this plane is definitely crashing.

Somewhere along the way we picked up our record in LA but then camped on the beach so they got all sandy and fucked. also, when we were stamping them in oakland they got BBQ ash. number 21 got messed up so it has a special message, and number 7 has cat hair from Louise. sorry.

Natilly Milley

Natalie's cat knew the password to our account! No you shut up. We are in Portland. Super hot.

love, louise