Thursday, June 4, 2009

Freddy Spaghetti (day 12)

Dear Diary, today is Thursday. We are in portland today. we spent the night in Olympia last night but drove back:

So we drove to olympia yesterday and got some foods got sweet deal on PBRs at Quality Burrito. Got to Freddy's house where our house show was, watched a few bands... they were cool! Drank Renier beer, and played music for the most excited of joggies we've seen yet!! They danced and sang along and clapped their hands. then we sat in a circle and played games. Everyone got wasted and we spent the night in Freddy's room!! He was SUCH a host; offering the touring band his BED, letting us sleep in, and providing a continental breakfast- old bread and popsicles! DAMN. Then we craved subway, ate it on the way home, wrote them a letter, and now they are going to fund our tour if we endorse five dollar footlongs at our shows, so natalie's sewing david a sandwich costume. We are now biting eachother like vampires because we are thirsty. Tonight we're playing at the chaos cafe and its gonna be FUCKED UP. Maybe though. Chris has a reverse eyelash, and "All i ever wanted was....."

Thanks Olympia, see ya friday!


  1. Totally craze...Europe seems boring in comparison! LOVE!

  2. everyone in washington drinks ranier.