Friday, May 29, 2009

San Diego

Hello dearest readers,

Thus far we have managed to maintain energy and enthusiasm. We are in San Diego and having tons of awesome fun and eating some seriously sweet food. Today we drive North on Highway 1 which runs right along the ocean. We plan on camping somewhere between here and San Fran. On the way we are picking up our new records that we haven't even heard yet and hanging out on the beach!

Our shows have been good so far and the landscape has been incredibly beautiful. Driving over the mountains in southern California was bitchin. We pretty much felt like the Flintstones. I have been filming a lot of what's been going on and I think that we might try to load some videos on here before the tour's end.

Anyway, we're about to hit the road. Stay tuned for more sweet news and pics.


1 comment:

  1. While on Highway 1, remember not to rent a convertible and force Zach to sit in the backseat during a furious rain storm. Did Mary cut her hair off? Looks totally beautiful! Ciao, Jessi.