Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We played a pretty wonderful show with all of our friends at the Skihouse a few weeks back, and thankfully our pal Brad Krischel filmed a lot of it and put together this awesome video!

We're taking a little time right now so Chris can sort out his Antartica adventure, but we are also working on finishing up a lot of recordings we've done over the past year to hopefully release them as a full length LP! So, if you want to help us with that, we'd love you forever.

You can now get our new EP in physical form via a cassette from Skihouse Tapes, which is a split with our friend Rob Jacobs. Get one, they look cool! Oh yeah and it has 2 more songs that aren't available anywhere in the digital world, we recorded them in Chicago on our most recent tour. You can still get the digital version on our bandcamp.

Okay thanks, talk to you soon!

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